Top 5 Reasons to Date a Tech Geek

Typical tech guys are considered nerdy and uncool, which makes girls worry that dating with computer geeks may be boring. While it is true that tech geeks are unexciting in a way, there are tons of reasons why dating a tech guy can be a good idea. Here are top five reasons why you should date a tech geek.

Tech Guy

1. He is a Mr. Fix-it-all.

Is your computer not working? Is your network unreasonably slow? Do you have no idea how to make the best of your new iPhone? Don’t worry. Your geek boy friend can fix all this. He is extremely good at technical things. If your problem is something he is unfamiliar with, he’ll google it, watch Youtube tutorials or download step by step PDFs until he gets the job done.

Not only technology, he is a good problem solver in life and work too, and of course, in relationship.

2. He earns well.

Tech jobs are in great demand and tech guys are highly-paid. It is reported that employees at the biggest tech companies in the United States easily make more than $100,000, or more than twice the average American household income, which is just around $50,000. At places like Google and Facebook, the median employees with less than five years working experience make six figures. Single tech guys are certainly rich elite singles who are worth to date with.

3. He is committed.

Unlike most rich men, Tech geeks won’t take dating as a game. They prefer committed, long-term relationships with their matches. Think about Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, who used to be elite singles, but later got married with their girl-friends and remained loyal and committed to their marriages.

4. He is patient and detail-oriented.

The work of a tech guy involves a lot of patience. And they have to pay attention to every detail or their work of days or months can be destroyed within one minute. Their work is totally character-building.

Your geek boyfriends will value you and each little thing concerned with you just like every single letter in their work. He’ll remember your birthday, your anniversaries, your weird interests and hobbies and even your Menstrual calendar so that he can take good care of you during those days.

5. He is honest.

Tech guys are honest, sincere and nice. They are true to themselves as well as others, let alone their life partners. They won’t lie about their whereabouts and they are loyal to their girlfriends.

Tech guys are passionate about their coding work and are not so into relationships. Once they find a match, they will try their best to make you happy. They’ll do everything they can to maintain your relationship because they hate to rebuild a new one.

You’ll never have to worry about his cheating. You can always find him on the internet since they spend all day working on their computer unless there’s something interests them more than that.

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